Tuition Centre In Birmingham

Apex Tuition Centre assists pupils in terms of gaining self-esteem, a head-start, and confidence so that they can reach their utmost potential by learning concepts at the tuition center instead of chasing teachers, and thus, achieve best grades in exams by excelling throughout their academic journey.

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What is


Tuition is more than education. It is about development. It is developing and building upon the roots already present, fortifying those roots, and leaning the stem towards its predisposition. It is the nurturing of existing strengths through supported learning, and the delicate handling of weaknesses through encouragement and cultivation.

Tuition causes us to take what we do more seriously. It is an investment for the future; an investment of nurture; an investment in knowledge. Our children are worth than our lives; so why not spend less than that to help them achieve high, and ensure that they are successful in their Adult lives.

And that is what we want! Success for the young ones of today. Success in becoming the best that they can be – prodigies upon prodigies, influencing one another in educating themselves to attain virtue through knowledge. And they can only do that with the help of their parents. Prepare them to become the best. Don’t settle. Take the steps to unlock your child’s potential.

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General Information

Levels taught

  • 11+, Key Stage 1 – 4
  • GCSE’s (All Subjects)
  • A-Levels (All Subjects)
  • UK CAT
  • BMAT
  • Help with Personal Statements
  • Life in the UK Test

Exceptional Selective Tutoring

We have carefully selected the best tutors in Birmingham

Structured Courses

We produce all our own materials, exclusively for classes at Headstart Tuition Centre

Weekly Tutoring Assessments

Every week, we monitor your child’s learning and skills.