GCSE / A-Levels

Preparation is key!

We have programs available for 1st year (Year 10 or 1st Year AS-Level) and for 2nd year (Year 11 or 2nd Year A-Level). We believe in equipping students with knowledge well in advance to ensure the highest results are attained. Our 1st year programs are aimed at preparing students 1 whole academic year before they sit their final exams. This is essential. We don’t want them feeling lost. We don’t want them feeling defeated. We want them to win before winning. We specialise in Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

This is a prerequisite for all Universities and a compulsory qualification for the majority of employers. It is an essential keystone in day-to-day living. Our qualified and dedicated team help students to fill the gaps in their mathematical ability by building on their confidence in solving more complex problems. This enables students to think critically and logically, and apply a wide range of analytical techniques to real life problems.

We believe it is important that students continue to enhance and develop their mathematical ability to achieve the highest possible level in Maths.

This amazing subject is a prerequisite for those intending to go into the field of natural science such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, etc. We have noticed in the past that many students find difficulty in understanding concepts in Biology. This caused deficiencies in answering exam-style questions. Our approach to extinguish this problem is to equip the students with knowledge broken down into bitesize and focusing on understanding core principles. With a strong desire to help more students in achieving A & A* grades, we have specially designed our biology tuition program to help students build a competitive edge and be one step ahead of their peers.

This dynamic subject is a prerequisite for those going into the field of Chemical Engineering. And it is just as important for admissions into Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, or any other related courses. Most students develop a keen interest in chemistry, but (sadly) when it comes to the exam they do not always achieve the expected grades. Our tailor made programmes prepare students for GCSE and A-level chemistry and have a proven track record of students obtaining the highest possible grades.

This is an acquired taste. Much like marmite, one either loves it or hates it. And how many a time do we find that the one who hated it wished they understood its importance sooner rather than later. Physics is considered (not by everyone of course) to be the most dry of subjects. Only as time goes on do we realise how beautiful a subject it is in understanding the mechanisms of everything that surrounds us. This subject is a prerequisite for Mechanic Engineering, Aeronautics, and many other fields. We have a tailored program in granting students the capacity to truly understand the relevance of this subject in their day-to-day lives; generating passion, in turn producing astounding results.

Taking the steps to prepare your child’s future is essential. We specialise in preparing students for their 11+ exams that will ultimately lead to a recognisably professional career. Our 11+ team prepares students for verbal and non-verbal reasoning. In addition to this, students are fortified with Maths and English to ensure they are set all-round. Daily monitoring of students’ progress allows us to motivate them in development of their personal and pedagogical skills.

At the end of each Key Stage, pupils have to undergo a set of exams that will determine the groups they will enter in their following year. It is essential that a pupil excels as much as possible here to ensure that they are grouped with the higher achievers, and implanted with the confidence to continue upon a ‘high achievers’ path.

Exams are not the only time we should consider nurturing our young ones. It is an unremitting process that should be practised with continuity to ensure that they achieve consistent results and stay in the top quarter of the triangle.

Your child’s future matters. And what better way is there than to prepare them from an early age to develop into the prodigy that they should be. We have a specialist team dedicated to nurturing a child upon their existing inclinations, equipping them with the tools to enjoy education and tread the path of continuous success.

We help students to apply through UCAS.

We help them to write personal statements.

We give references for students.

We can arrange work experience.

What feeling is better than feeling like you are at home. We want just that for you. You are here. We have a specialised service in preparing emigrants for citizenship via the Life-In-UK route. Our multilingual staff are ready to help individuals become more familiar with British values, culture and language.

Crash Course

We offer cost-effective and convenient Crash Courses for external and internal GCSE and A-level students. These courses are related to core subjects only, and are specifically designed for pupils who aim to attain highest grades in the GCSE and A-level exams, and thus, can finish these courses successfully and efficiently within a short period of time.


Health & Social Care

Level 3 – 4

IT & Computing

Level 3 – 4

Various Business Courses

Level 3 – 4

DET (Diploma in Education & Training)

Level 5

Accounting & Finance


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